Our Story

My Reason

As the only surviving parent of my two daughters and tired of working at a dead end job that left me little time to spend with my wife April and my two children Kaleah and Attyana, I chose take control of my own time and life and opened shop in July of 2015. It just made sense to do what I  have enjoyed doing since I was a kid and that was making cars shine. My passion and love for anything with wheels transfers to my love for detailing and my love for our clients.

The Beginning 2015

I researched what everyone else was doing and saw the need for a detailer who understood a customers needs and would take the time to deliver something other than the bucket and sponge car wash. I knew our city needed a craftsman so whatever everyone else was doing I just did the opposite. I started out as a mobile detailer but quickly found that the elements were no place for a quality based true detail and moved my operation into my garage in December of 2015.

The Move: 2016 and beyond

I quickly made some waves and established Art Of Detail as not another detail shop but a place that delivers quality service, solutions and results. Our customers became family and we built our business by word of mouth with zero advertising, just hard work and and a daily hustle. 

 In April of 2016 we moved to our Towner location and in July of 2017 moved to a larger facility at 5901 4th St NW. We haven't looked back since. 

Training and Certifications

A Detailer Is Only As Strong As Their Qualifications

 Since the beginning, I have placed a strong emphasis on developing my skills and making sure that the value I bring to the market is world-class. Education and training has and always will be important. You wouldn't trust your teeth to someone who learned how to be a Dentist on the internet would you? Then why trust your vehicle to a person with no formal training?


  I am professionally and personally trained and mentored by the best in the industry. I take live monthly courses with the IDA and twice a week I participate in live training with The Detail Mafia. I travel to destinations like Big Bear, Las Vegas, and Florida to participate in education and hands on training to keep up with the latest technology and techniques by proven leaders in the detailing industry. I have been a featured speaker at Mobile Tech Expo as well as live webinar presentations with The Detailers Network and The Detail Mafia. I also hold classes at my shop quarterly for the public to learn proper care and maintenance of their vehicle.


 Some of my certifications include, IDA Skills Validated, Detailing Success Business Success Certified, Detailing Success Technician Certified, Flex Polisher Certified, P&S Double Black Certified, Inspiration Ceramic Coating Certified, Headlight Restoration Certified, Glassparency Certified, HazMat Certified, as well as many other accomplishments that you will see when you walk through the door. I am also a "made man' in The Detail Mafia, one of the highest, if not the highest, honors in the industry.

 This is all relevant when choosing a detailer and trusting them to deliver results. Your vehicle and trust along with my commitment on delivering long-term and real results that matter is my priority. I want to make choosing a detailer easy for you! By choosing Art Of Detail, you are choosing to raise your standards and expectations and not settle for mediocrity. That is my customer and that is why we set our standards high.